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Making Putty (05:29)


Putty weatherproofs stained glass windows. Brian Canfield describes his recipe for creating putty using lime, finishing cement, plaster of Paris, and boiled linseed oil. Other tools include a stiff bristle brush, a finishing brush, a pick, a wire brush, and finishing wax.

Putty Technique (07:17)

Canfield describes the proper application of putty to a stained glass piece of art. Do not miss a channel or the window will leak. Most putties take three weeks to cure; adding dry lime will reduce the time period.

Credits: Working with Putty: Lesson 6 (00:37)

Credits: Working with Putty: Lesson 6

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Working With Putty: Lesson 6

Part of the Series : Stained Glass: Unraveling the Mystery
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This program shows how to use putty when working with stained glass.

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