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Overview—Chi-Square: Lecture 11 (00:36)


In this lecture, Prof. Naomi Lowe explains the types of chi-square, tests of chi-squares, and how articles report the chi-square statistic.

Types of Variables and Goodness of Fit (14:57)

Use a chi-square when you have a nominal variable. Learn the formula that tests the predetermined fit of the difference categories of a single variable. Determine degrees of freedom and cut-off, and accept or reject the null.

Independence (11:11)

When using two nominal variables that have several categories, examine whether there is a relationship between the variables; create a contingency table. Calculate expected values and compare chi-square test statistic to chi-square distribution cut-off. Use phi for effect size in a 2x2 contingency table, and Cramer's Phi for larger tables.

Chi-Square Statistic (03:28)

Review chi-square use, goodness of fit, and test of independence. See a portion of the chi-square table.

Research Article Reporting (01:48)

Lowe explains a typical representation of chi-square in an article.

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Chi-Square: Lecture 11

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In this video lecture, Professor Naomi Lowe explains the chi-square test.

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