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Overview—Randomization: Lecture 12 (01:14)


In this lecture, Prof. Naomi Lowe explains the logic behind randomization, assumptions, comparison distribution, and testing.

Assumptions and Comparison Distribution (02:23)

The assumption of population normality is not necessary for randomization. Randomization creates distribution from sample data.

Randomization: I (10:56)

This example test examines administering GABA to lobsters. Consider differences between the control group and the GABA group before and after randomization.

Randomization: Number Calculations (06:58)

Learn how to calculate the P value. Lowe provides an example of determining whether the difference in the GABA testing was a result of random shuffling.

Randomization: Excel (09:24)

Excel provides a faster way to calculate randomization. This example involves classical music and infant brain development.

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Randomization: Lecture 12

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In this video lecture, Professor Naomi Lowe explains randomization and presents a summary of the course.

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