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Sri Lanka: A Bright Idea (08:33)


One-third of the Sri Lankan population does not have power so kerosene lamps are commonly used for light, which are prone to fires. A doctor invented a safer lamp that is less likely to tip over and does not spill kerosene if it does. He created the Safe Bottle Lamp Foundation, which gives away the lamps to Sri Lankan residents.

United Kingdom: Emission Control (08:02)

Livestock produces billions of tons of greenhouse gas a year, a third of which is from cows. Scientists in Wales created Mootral, a feed additive that helps cows digest and cuts done on greenhouse gas emissions. The additive helps the cows produce more milk.

Palestine: Off Grid Aid (08:00)

Two Israeli scientists started a nonprofit to share renewable energy technology with poor communities in Israeli-controlled Palestine. They have built solar and wind power systems in communities not connected to the electricity grid. Electricity increased the quality of life and income of the residents.

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 1 (00:11)

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 1

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A Bright Idea: Safe Bottle Lamp Project (Sri Lanka) A man’s mission to stop the horrific, and totally avoidable, injuries caused by unsafe kerosene lamps in Sri Lanka. Emission Control: Mootral (U.K.) Researchers in Cardiff have turned to nature, and the magical health properties of the humble garlic bulb, to develop a new feed additive that cuts the methane gas produced by cows in half; a solution against harmful greenhouse gases. Off Grid Aid: Comet-ME (Palestine, Israel) Two Israeli physicists are helping Palestinian villages in the West Bank to generate their own cheap renewable energy such as solar and wind power.

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