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Namibia: No Beating About the Bush (07:47)


One-fifth of the world's cheetahs live in Namibia, where thickening thorn bushes are threatening their habitat. The bushes are harming the entire ecosystem and livestock farming in the area. The Cheetah Conservation Fund is removing the bushes in a habitat restoration effort and turning it into a type of biomass fuel.

Haiti: Love 'n’ Haiti (08:17)

A recycling project has started in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, which collects more than 18 tons a garbage from the streets each day. The project creates jobs and gives a sense of stability to the community. Waste paper and cardboard are recycled into fuel briquettes, which are sold to support the project.

India: Solar Sisters (09:17)

Barefoot College teaches solar engineering skills to Indian women, a third of which are illiterate. One workshop makes clockwork solar cookers, which can be made from materials available at the local market. The college has brought electricity and power to rural areas in India and Africa through solar engineering.

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 3 (00:10)

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 3

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No Beating about the Bush: Cheetah Conservation Fund Bush Project (Namibia) Namibian farmers, once the main threat to the cheetah population, are now becoming their main protectors. Love 'N' Haiti: South-South Cooperation’s Project (Haiti) Could recycling waste and cleaning streets be the simple answer to Haiti’s massive social problems? Solar Sisters: Barefoot Women Solar Engineers of Africa (India) These engineers are bringing solar power to Africa’s countryside, lighting up the bush.

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