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Indonesia: Nothing Wasted (06:55)


Most markets in Indonesia put their waste in a temporary dumping site, where scavengers and goats pick through it. One market in Java is turning its waste into compost and creating income streams for the community. The model has been expanded to other markets in the country.

Kenya: Fuel Cell (08:39)

Sewage is being turned into biogas fuel in areas of Kenya where firewood is running out. The biogas is safer and cuts down on smoke damage and cost. It is highly effective in densely populated areas, such as prisons and schools.

Congo: Jiko Rescue (08:04)

Gorilla habitats in Congo are being destroyed to harvest charcoal. The Gorilla Organization is creating fuel efficient stoves, which use less charcoal. The organization uses the money generated to plant trees in the gorillas' forest.

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 4 (00:10)

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 4

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Nothing Wasted: Danamon Go Green, Danamon Peduli Foundation (Indonesia) The traditional farms of Indonesia are getting a face-lift, and the organic fertilizer they now produce is giving agriculture in the area a huge boost. Fuel Cell: Biogas as an Alternative Source of Energy (Kenya) A prison in Kenya is using inmate waste to power the kitchens and heating, reducing energy costs and improving the health of the prisoners. Jiko Rescue: The Gorilla Organization Stoves for Survival Project (Democratic Republic of Congo) The endangered mountain gorilla population is getting a helping hand from the fuel-efficient “jiko” stove.

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