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Kenya: Doubled Cooked (07:28)


The shantytown of Kibera has limited access to clean drinking water. The Jompy stove is safer, cheaper, and cleaner than the traditional jiko stoves. It uses a heating coil to clean and boil water.

India: Burn After Eating (07:51)

Electricity is scarce in the state of Bihar. Husk Power Systems has been creating electricity by burning rice husks. The practice has cut down the cost of rice milling and created more than 200 jobs.

Malawi: In A Nutshell (06:53)

Peanuts are one of the few profitable corps in Malawi. A peanut farmer from America invented a hand-operated peanut shelling machine. The machine greatly increased the country's production of peanuts.

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 5 (00:10)

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 5

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Double Cooked: Jompy Stove (Kenya) The Jompy Stove is a lightweight and inexpensive stove-top device that rapidly heats water. It sits between a cooking pot and an open flame. Invented by David Osborne, a plumber from Scotland, this incredibly simple technology could save millions who die from drinking contaminated water. Burn after Eating: Rice Husk Bio-power (India) In the state of Bihar in India, an estimated 50,000 villagers are lighting up with bio power. Husk Power Systems is using an innovative technology mix to run off-grid mini-power stations fired by rice husks—a by-product that would otherwise be thrown away and release methane as it rotted. In a Nutshell: Universal Nut Sheller (Malawi) On a visit to women's cooperative in Mali, West Africa, engineer Jock Brandis, founder of the Full Belly Project, noticed that they were still shelling peanuts—the most important local cash crop—by hand. A year later he was back with his specially-designed Universal Nut Sheller which helped the women process five times as many peanuts.

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