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Tanzania: OK Coral (06:51)


Coral reefs off the coast of Tanzania are being destroyed by harvesting and pollution. A marine park protects the coral. It is funded by ecotourism but provides educational programs for fishers and children.

Mexico: Saving From a Rainy Day (07:38)

Mexico City is experiencing a water shortage. Nonprofit Isla Urbana is creating a simple rainwater collection system for city residents. They are working with the community to widen its acceptance.

Denmark: Cyber Capital (07:39)

Two Danish businessmen created a peer-to-peer lending operation that connects investors with African businesses in need of funding. They wanted to make is easier for African entrepreneurs to get started in business.

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 6 (00:09)

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 6

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OK Coral: Coral Reef Protection (Tanzania) The founders of Chumbe Island Coral Park turned this small, uninhabited island in East Africa into a privately managed nonprofit nature reserve as a showcase for environmental protection and education. Saving from a Rainy Day: Rainwater Conservation (Mexico) Many households in Mexico City already have cisterns, since water via pipe or truck rarely reaches many neighborhoods. To improve upon that, the Isla Urbana team has developed a simple collection and filtering system that uses mainly materials from local hardware stores and which local plumbers are being trained to install. Cyber Capital: Investing in Africa (Denmark) With the internet as infrastructure, Denmark-based invites people worldwide to connect directly with African entrepreneurs who can't get capital to develop their businesses. The cyber-marketplace has provided about $15 million in seed money for nearly 6,000 African businesses so far.

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