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The Philippines: The Only Way is Up (06:58)


The Indigenous Development Foundation in the Philippines has developed a ram pump, which uses hydraulic power from falling water to pump water into mountain villages. Residents no longer need to travel long distances to collect water from rivers.

Zambia: Growth Cycle (07:37)

A bike manufacture in California decided to export production of its bamboo bikes to Zambia to foster economic development. The frames are made in Zambia by a local company and exported to the United States and Europe.

Guatemala: A Class Apart (08:01)

In rural Guatemala, trash is commonly dumped in rivers. A Peace Corps volunteer built a soccer field and park and allowed residents to turn in recyclables instead of paying the entrance fee. He is using recycled materials to help build a new school.

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 7 (00:09)

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 7

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The Only Way Is Up: Hydraulic Ram Pump (The Philippines) The Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation Inc. (AIDFI) is determined to see the ram pump finally come into its own. Using the power of a river's flow to literally push water uphill without any other energy input, it's proving to be a boon for poor villagers living in mountainous regions. Growth Cycle: Bamboo Bicycles (Zambia) After creating and then perfecting a sturdy bamboo bicycle frame, designer Craig Calfee has since begun working with small workshops in Zambia and three other African countries with the aim of creating profitable small businesses. A Class Apart: Project Long Way Home (Guatemala) Mateo Paneitz founded Long Way Home, a nonprofit organization that helps create better employment and education opportunities in the predominantly Mayan community of Comalapa, Guatemala. A popular park has already been created, and the goal now is to create a mixed academic and vocational school.

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