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Madagascar: One Reef at a Time (07:32)


The coastline of Madagascar is being damaged by desperate fishing practices. Blue Ventures is conducting research on the marine life and using ecotourism to fund a marine reserve. The Vesu fishermen have been using sustainable fishing practices based on science conducted by Blue Ventures.

Peru: Pass It On (07:54)

Farmers in the rural highlands of the Andes have little connection with other farmers. A nonprofit group is connecting farmers and teaching simple technologies. The farmers use crop rotation and natural pesticides to boost production.

Rwanda: Charge of the Light Brigade (07:26)

Access to electricity is limited in Rwanda. A group of British engineering students created energy kiosks to provide electricity to rural areas. It uses solar panels and stores the energy in battery boxes for residents to use.

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 8 (00:09)

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 8

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One Reef at a Time: Coral Reef Protection (Madagascar) Blue Ventures offers researchers and volunteers the chance to work with local communities to protect reefs using sustainable marine conservation areas. Pass It On: Organic Techniques at 13,000 Feet (Peru) "Yachachiq" is the Inca name for people who pass on knowledge. That's how Sierra Productiva, a federation of peasant groups, is setting about improving the lot of small farmers in Peru. At high elevations and on precipitous slopes, campesinos are learning organic techniques to dramatically boost farm production. Charge of the Light Brigade: Little Shop of Light by e.quinox (Rwanda) In sub-Saharan Africa, electricity is scarce. To help, e.quinox—a nonprofit founded by engineering students at Imperial College in London—has set up a solar energy charging station in Gakenke district in Rwanda. Sealed "battery boxes" are on constant charge rotation, so when the lights go dim, villagers can come and swap their depleted box for a fresh one.

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