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Legacy of Bill Bernbach (08:43)


Former Chairman of DDB Bob Scarpelli discusses the legacy and influence of Bill Bernbach, who created a set of standards and tenets to live up to. In the 1960s, he pioneered a new approach to advertising that was culturally aware and product and entertainment based. Keith Reinhard continued these standards, motivating employees to reach their creative potential.

Origins of an Advertisement (04:49)

John Immesoete explains that though the tenets of advertising culture are clear, it can be a challenge to create something that embodies them. Scarpelli argues that successful ads come from ideas or insights into human nature. Companies need a story for their brand and product, telling not only what it is but what it means to the customer.

Ads of Anheuser-Busch (06:18)

Scarpelli and Immesoete reflect on working with Anheuser-Busch. The company achieved success through sharing a philosophy and good taste with the agency. August Busch III and IV each had a unique instinct for advertisements.

Criticism and Success (08:41)

Immesoete discusses how the introduction of the internet changed the advertising environment. Scarpelli argues that it became too easy to criticize anonymously, and that it is better to focus on the positive in one's work. Scarpelli marks success by helping others in advancing their careers.

Credits: A Conversation With Bob Scarpelli: Conversations with Giants (00:18)

Credits: A Conversation With Bob Scarpelli: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Bob Scarpelli: Conversations with Giants

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What makes advertising great? How do you motivate creative people? Find out when ad giant, John Immesoete, sits down with his old boss and former Chief Creative Officer of DDB Worldwide, Bob Scarpelli on the first ever Conversations with Giants.

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