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Introduction to Advertising Industry (07:59)


Cheryl Berman started working at Leo Burnett in the 1970s, after a series of interviews. In her first year, she focused on learning from others and working on print and radio projects. Though it was a male-dominated industry, she brought an important perspective to the company.

Company Culture (06:09)

Berman explains that though she was aware of sexism in the workplace, she preferred to focus on her work. She describes how the exciting and competitive environment pushed everyone to be creative. The pressure to produce good work also motivated her to present well.

Challenges in Leadership Roles (06:49)

John Immesoete recalls that Leo Burnett was a white male-dominated company in the 1970s, yet Berman was his boss and commanded respect. Berman describes her challenging experience as the first woman on the board of directors, where the male members acted condescending, disappointed that they had to change their behavior.

Equality in the Workplace (06:43)

Berman argues that advertising holds opportunities for women, as the primary consumers; as chairman she and the female CEO at the time made a successful team. The pressure to deliver creative results leads creative directors to often overlook prejudice to find a solution. Berman feels she was paid fairly at Leo Burnett, but sometimes experienced prejudice in other ways.

Changes in the Advertising Industry (06:09)

After leaving Leo Burnett, Berman started Unbundled, a small agency which partners with a digital company. She explains that the ideas are still primary, but now there are analytics that determine how they approach a project. Immesoete argues that the advertising business needed to reinvent itself.

Work and Recognition (07:47)

Berman and Immesoete discuss the work they are proud of, recalling commercials for big clients. Berman explains how she tried to create an environment which encouraged creativity and strong teamwork. Though she has received awards, they are of little importance compared to her current work.

New Projects (02:43)

Berman expresses excitement about her new projects with Unbundled. She is embracing her interest in journalism to tell real stories, and she is working with younger people who are open to new ideas.

Credits: A Conversation With Cheryl Berman: Conversations with Giants (00:30)

Credits: A Conversation With Cheryl Berman: Conversations with Giants

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Cheryl Berman is the real-life Peggy Olson: find out how she rose through the ranks to become chairman and CCO at Leo Burnett, the first woman elected to Leo’s Board of Directors, Chicago’s Ad Woman Of The Year, and the CCO of Unbundled.

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