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Background and Role of Critics (07:08)


Lewis Lazare came to Chicago with a prestigious academic record and began as an arts critic. He explains the difference between reviewing and critiquing, and describes recent changes in the profession.

Critics in the Digital Age (03:50)

Before the internet, reviewers had more power over audience and artist opinions; the digital world gives access to more opinions. Although criticism is public and not based on anything personal, people still take it personally.

Lazare's Early Career (04:07)

Lazare started out working for the Chicago bureau of "Variety." He also wrote business stories for arts industries, which led him to the Chicago Business Journal. As a marketing columnist, he learned about local advertising agencies.

Theater in Advertising (05:35)

Lazare reflects on the influence of theater. John Immesoete recalls the number of theater people working at Leo Burnett at the time and the learning exchanges that took place. Lazare argues that it can be harder to review mediocre work than bad work.

Sensitivity to Criticism (06:54)

Lazare and Immesoete discuss a particular Super Bowl commercial and the negative review it received. Immesoete speculates that advertising people are more sensitive to criticism because they are not prepared to be in the public eye.

Changing Environment and Standards of Criticism (09:15)

When everyone is a critic in the digital world, a professional critic's power diminishes; Lazare finds this frustrating. Along with quality standards, the financial structure of traditional advertising and journalism has collapsed.

Client Changes (05:43)

Clients have changed business models. Chief marketing officers are in office for much shorter periods, breaking up continuity and relationships with advertising agencies. When sales results are immediate, finances dictate decisions more than brand integrity.

Recent Advertisements and Narrative (04:43)

Lazare reflects on recent commercials that caught his attention, but argues that a storytelling element is often lacking. Due to increasing competition, the All State recently developed advertising.

Credits: A Conversation With Lewis Lazare: Conversations with Giants (00:30)

Credits: A Conversation With Lewis Lazare: Conversations with Giants

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