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Education and Media Changes (06:22)


Chief Creative Officer at FCB Chicago, Liz Taylor discusses her journey to advertising. Though expensive, advertising school was a valuable experience, giving her a polished book with which to enter the industry. With the internet, ad portfolios now include more integrated digital elements.

Mentors and Accepting Criticism (05:35)

Taylor explains that she enjoys supporting creative people and helping them improve their presentation skills. Many struggle with taking criticism too personally, but Taylor argues that mentorship and certain personality traits can help them persevere. She attempts to create a positive work environment where everyone supports each other.

Changing Roles (03:52)

Taylor describes the difficult transition from copywriter to creative director. As she moves up in the advertising business, she creates less but mentors more, and she is more involved in the business aspect. While some prefer not to lead, she enjoys supporting and teaching others.

Adapting to the Digital Realm (09:14)

Taylor agrees that fear is involved in changing careers and transitioning into the digital age. She has had to learn the processes and language of digital advertising, while adapting her work to a new format. Immesoete and Taylor discuss the pros and cons of internet advertising.

New Role and Brands in the Internet Age (07:00)

In her new position, Taylor supervises many people, is involved in finances, and works towards creating a strong company culture. Her goal is to create a consistent platform, and she argues that brands still matter; they just need to be more about creating an experience.

Prejudice in the Advertising Industry (10:34)

Taylor and Immesoete discuss the problems of diversity and sexism in the advertising industry. Taylor hopes to improve diversity, and argues that companies have to make a plan and force the change through recruiting, conversations, and added support for minorities. As a woman, she has often been excluded, and she knows that a diverse team produces better work.

Credits: A Conversation With Liz Taylor: Conversations with Giants (00:30)

Credits: A Conversation With Liz Taylor: Conversations with Giants

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John talks with FCB Chicago’s newly-minted chief creative officer, Liz Taylor, on how to hire and mentor talent, along with her vision for the creative future of FCB.

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