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Background and Early Projects (07:08)


Barry Burdiak discusses his education and background in the advertising industry. He studied communications and started at NWA in print production. Burdiak and John Immesoete reminisce about the clients they worked with in the 1980s and some of the commercials they made.

Work Experience and Creative Processes (07:20)

Burdiak describes his experience at DDB, where he worked on several unpopular brands. Immesoete and Burdiak discuss working on Bud Light. They reflect on the diverse creative processes of teams at their company.

Worst Ads and Client Approach (05:37)

Immesoete and Burdiak remember bad advertisements they made. Burdiak describes advertisements he designed for Anheuser-Busch, noting that he often tried to create a character or phrase that would go viral. The client encouraged a lot of filming as a way to find good ideas.

Character Development in Advertising (06:25)

Immesoete explains the importance of learning from successful and unsuccessful drafts of an ad. Creating a character that can be associated with a brand is powerful.

Data-Driven Advertising (07:50)

Burdiak explains the process of attracting a client, arguing that research often provides the tools to succeed. Currently, agencies use huge amounts of data to create intelligence-based ads. Immesoete agrees the best ads come from true stories or information.

Breaking the Rules (04:02)

Burdiak and Immesoete discuss a successful advertisement based on a true story. Burdiak explains the power of thinking outside the box, and not always following the client's guidelines. The best ads take an unexpected approach and offer new insight.

Changes and Values in the Digital Age (05:14)

Immesoete describes the reinvention of the advertising industry through the internet. With new distribution channels, there are new opportunities for ads with story and emotion. Burdiak describes changes in insurance industry advertising.

Insurance Advertising (04:05)

Geico brought a new approach to insurance ads, inspiring other companies. At State Farm, Burdiak developed characters from real insurance agents. Immesoete argues that insight, data, and creative thinking lead to successful ads.

Attracting a New Generation (03:18)

Young people are still more interested in TV advertising that is based on ideas, characters, and brand voice. Brief ads and fads are important, but they are not memorable or significant for brand image.

Credits: A Conversation With Barry Burdiak: Conversations with Giants (00:30)

Credits: A Conversation With Barry Burdiak: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Barry Burdiak: Conversations with Giants

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John Immesoete chats with his friend and former colleague, SVP/group creative director at DDB Chicago, Barry Burdiak. They discuss the golden age of beer advertising and how sin makes for good advertising.

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