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Reinvention in Business (06:35)


Howard Tullman is the CEO of 1871. Today's technology offers an opportunity for businesses to reinvent themselves, but many are struggling to adjust. The internet allows agencies to target advertisements and measure everything to produce the best results.

Targeted Advertisements and Accessibility (08:29)

Tullman describes the importance of context for targeted ads. The internet has created opportunities for ad agencies, but also reduced pretension and budgets. Successful advertising is accessible and relatable.

Changes in Advertising and U.S. Economy (10:14)

Tullman discusses changes in consumer behavior and new tools that advertisers are using to customize marketing. Economic growth and talent are becoming challenges in the U.S. Education needs to change to prepare people for creative rather than process-based jobs.

Improving Education System (06:12)

Economic and societal changes require customizing education for each student. People should learn problem solving and team work through experiential learning methods. Tullman describes the changing economic conditions and workforce.

Entrepreneurs and Digital Fluency (06:22)

Tullman discusses the changing workforce and career expectations. Entrepreneurship is the new path of creativity and lifelong learning for young people. As "digital natives," they have an advantage, but the older generation needs to be re-educated to remain relevant.

Ideas and Path to Success (09:02)

Entrepreneurial success is based on creative ideas. Tullman admits there are many bad ideas, but it is important to begin somewhere, develop a road map, and use strategies. He describes the effects of social media and digital reputations on marketing.

New Approaches to Advertising (08:36)

Tullman discusses online tracking of interests versus purchases and how this changes advertisement targeting. These new systems present a challenge to traditional advertising agencies, but also an opportunity to change. The stories advertisements tell affect how people view and interact with the world.

Credits: A Conversation With Howard Tullman: Conversations with Giants (00:30)

Credits: A Conversation With Howard Tullman: Conversations with Giants

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When he’s not creating startups as a serial entrepreneur, he serves on Mayor Emanuel’s ChicagoNEXT and Cultural Advisory Councils. 1871 CEO, Howard Tullman, sits down with John Immesoete in a free-wheeling and wide-ranging conversation over the state of education, the future of marketing, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

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