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Musical Background (06:33)


Ira Antelis grew up playing music and listening to multiple genres. In college, he decided to focus on composing and later made a connection with a jingle producer. In advertising, musicians have to adapt to different needs and styles.

Adaptability and Music for Advertising (10:13)

Applied artists have to develop flexibility and a diverse set of skills. Antelis describes the change in advertising music in the 1990s. John Immesoete and Antelis discuss work ethic and limitations on producing great work in the industry.

Career Highlights and Industry Changes (07:37)

Antelis reflects on the high points of his career and describes the creative process of his team. He explains changes in music for advertising from song-based jingles, to sound design, to voice-over. As budgets for advertising have declined, the music industry has changed.

Reinventing a Career (06:37)

Immesoete and Antelis discuss changes in the music and advertising industries, including new sources of income and merging genres. As they grow older, keeping up with changes and staying relevant is a struggle. Wisdom and talent are key.

Music in Targeted Advertisements (04:48)

Ad agencies know more about consumers and use that information to target advertisements. On the music side, Antelis can identify an attractive musical style for a targeted group. Antelis emphasizes the importance of collaboration.

Factors of Artistic Success (06:21)

Immesoete discusses how the movie "Whiplash" demonstrates work ethic and the time it takes to succeed as an artist. Antelis' working relationship with Cheryl Berman was inspiring and an important part of his success.

Definition of Success (06:53)

Being a good parent is central to Antelis' idea of success. He has been able to make a living doing what he loves. Work ethic, passion, and strong relationships have enabled him to achieve his goals.

Credits: A Conversation With Ira Antelis: Conversations with Giants (00:29)

Credits: A Conversation With Ira Antelis: Conversations with Giants

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You’ve probably heard Ira Antelis’ work in over 30 years of writing and producing music for commercials, records, and movies with artists like Patti LaBelle, Christina Aguilera, and Cheap Trick. Don’t miss his fascinating insights on the music and commercial business.

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