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Career Background and Marketing Strategies (06:29)


Heidi Schoeneck has developed a diverse set of skills, beginning as a sculpture major and gaining digital skills in the workplace. In shopper marketing, she influences consumers to develop love for a brand. She describes how the internet has opened up many avenues for this work.

Reinvention and Selling an Idea (05:25)

Schoeneck describes the process of continuous learning and adaptation necessary in her field; she is not afraid to make mistakes and take creative leaps. She argues that her family of scientists taught her to rationalize and sell a creative idea.

Workplace Culture and Gender Roles (07:30)

Schoeneck worked in several small companies and then moved to Leo Burnett, where she found the competitive environment both inspiring and challenging. She describes the sacrifices involved in being a working mother. Her son is gaining a unique perspective on parenting roles.

Discrimination in the Advertising Industry (08:37)

Advertising has always been a white, male-dominated industry, but Schoeneck advocates for more diversity. She argues that women need to have visible role models, companies need to be aware of bias, and recruitment needs to be more open-minded. John Immesoete and Schoeneck agree that diverse leadership leads to better results.

Tools for Addressing Harassment (08:07)

Schoeneck explains how data can help companies track diversity and show improvement. She uses her blog to share about gender-based discrimination and to demonstrate that women need to support each other. Immesoete and Schoeneck discuss the focus on appearance in the advertising industry and the ways people use this for career advantage.

Obstacles and Successes (06:28)

Schoeneck describes a project she is proud of that combined marketing with a social cause. She reflects on the process of recovering after a campaign fails and fixing the problem. Schoeneck's recent career change and move to New York demonstrates her willingness to reinvent herself and succeed in different environments.

Credits: A Conversation With Heidi Schoeneck: Conversations with Giants (00:29)

Credits: A Conversation With Heidi Schoeneck: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Heidi Schoeneck: Conversations with Giants

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Heidi Schoeneck is the EVP and executive creative director of Geometry Global, where she leads the Unilever Shopper Team. She is also a mother, wife, and noted blogger of Surviving Marketing in Heels: A Woman’s Perspective on Kicking Ass in a Madmen World.

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