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Background and Political Consultancy (07:18)


Jon Reinish describes his company's history in politics, and how he helps brands communicate their values or encourage support for a political issue. He explains that observing how governments and politicians respond to certain media teaches him how to create successful campaigns. In the current polarized environment, companies need even more assistance communicating a position clearly without losing customers.

Presidential Campaign and Advertising (07:22)

Reinish and John Immesoete discuss the factors that led to Donald Trump's election. Reinish argues that Trump created a clear movement with a simple message and repeated it. Similar to advertising, this approach succeeded, but he now must follow through on his promise.

Political Landscape and Voting Trends (09:33)

Reinish reviews the election results and the future of political parties in light of the demographic variety in the U.S. He argues that Trump used unique, hard to measure techniques, and that negative information and advertising motivated both campaigns. Immesoete suggests that neither candidate inspired the passion necessary to win an election.

Changes in Media and News Sources (05:59)

Reinish and Immesoete discuss the effects of the election on communications and future campaigns. News media changes daily, but as the president attacks traditional news institutions, they gain readership and only improve their reporting.

Career Path and Political Communication (08:44)

Reinish describes his path to working in politics and focusing on the media and messaging aspect. He argues that politics is personal, and politicians need to be able to communicate about an issue in a way that reaches people on a personal level.

Success and Tenacity (04:08)

Jon Reinish argues that the U.S. will always be polarized because the middle ground in politics does not inspire passion. He marks success by doing what he loves and being able to support himself. After the election disappointment, he went back to work with renewed effort to face the challenges.

Credits: A Conversation With Jon Reinish: Conversations with Giants (00:30)

Credits: A Conversation With Jon Reinish: Conversations with Giants

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When it comes to politics, Jon Reinish, SVP at SKDKnickerbocker, has seen it all. Jon has spent his career working on political campaigns ranging from education to healthcare reform to marriage equality. He has advised Fortune 50 corporations and was named by City & State as one of New York’s 40 Under 40 political stars in 2011.

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