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Early Career and Tragedy (06:52)


After working on the Calvin Klein brand, Madonna Badger started her own agency. She describes her work with major designers and the aesthetics of the time. A fire took the lives of her three daughters.

Women in Advertisements (05:36)

Badger's business partner maintained the agency until she felt ready to return. They worked on a campaign with Avon, which involved interviewing women; she recognized a confidence gap between men and women. Badger decided to work toward ending the objectification of women in advertising.

Raising Awareness About Gender Equality (08:34)

Badger and John Immesoete discuss the omnipresence of ads that objectify women and the damage it causes. Badger created a set of requirements that her company's ads must meet so they present women in a positive way. She describes the petition she led to ensure the Cannes festival does not award gender-biased ads.

Addressing Origins of Objectification (07:25)

Creating awareness about gender bias is the first step. Badger focuses on the people who create ads, and asserts ads that portray women as sexual objects are not successful. Men and women need to analyze how they are complicit in the sexist environment and what they can do to alter it.

Challenges and Opportunities for Older Employees (07:50)

Badger and Immesoete discuss ageism in the advertising industry and the challenge to keep older employees in the fast-paced digital world. Young people are valuable, but they need mentors. The rise in emotional storytelling provides an opportunity for the older and younger generations to collaborate.

Understanding Portrayals of Women (05:58)

Navigating portrayals of women in the media can be confusing. Culture does not value women as sexual beings; there are many images made from that destructive flaw. Badger describes the repercussions of sexism and objectification throughout the society.

Credits: A Conversation With Madonna Badger: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Madonna Badger: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Madonna Badger: Conversations with Giants

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Creating purpose-driven work that ends the objectification of women in advertising is Madonna Badger’s pursuit. Watch as the CCO of Badger & Winters joins John to discuss personal growth through tragedy, and why and how we should raise the standards for how brands relate to women.

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