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Tracking Culture Changes (06:37)


Toygun Yilmazer discusses the planning practice in advertising, which uses data, buying trends, and consumer behavior to find new ways to connect to customers. Targeting becomes more necessary. Be aware of online trends but only act on what is relevant to the brand.

Using Data to Understand Customers (03:36)

Yilmazer uses various methods to gain information and feedback about consumers. Observing what an audience likes about a certain campaign can be the most useful information. It is easier to accumulate customer information using technology tools and business consulting.

Advertising With a Social Cause (05:11)

Established brands can connect with customers through a social cause. Following a social trend is not as powerful as choosing a cause that is relevant to the product and customer. Yilmazer describes a bank which created an effective campaign about the gender pay gap.

Multicultural Advertising (03:27)

Yilmazer and John Immesoete discuss the worldwide appeal of some advertisements. Through digital technology, even small ads can reach a global audience. Many ideas and value-based ads are applicable across cultures, but some are more culture-specific.

Background and Strategist Role (08:03)

Yilmazer has always been interested in media, and his degree in economics led him to the consulting side of advertising. He values gaining different kinds of experience to create a diverse skill set. Yilmazer and Immesoete discuss disruption strategy versus differentiation.

Advice for Young People in Advertising (02:44)

Curiosity is an important attribute for those entering the ad industry. One should be interested in new trends, technology, culture, and business. Immesoete and Yilmazer discuss techniques for persuasion and the ethical boundary between persuasion and manipulation.

Credits: A Conversation With Toygun Yilmazer: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Toygun Yilmazer: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Toygun Yilmazer: Conversations with Giants

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As chief strategy officer of TBWA\Istanbul, Toygun Yilmazer knows data. He sits down with John to discuss the importance of knowing your consumer, using data insights to elevate the conversation, and using creativity for the good of society.

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