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Creating a New Ad Agency Model (07:49)


Jason Harris describes Mekanism's evolution from digital production company, to ad agency, to production-based agency. He explains the importance of constantly reinventing the company. Harris and John Immesoete discuss how to listen and adapt quickly to change.

Choosing Clients and Telling Their Stories (08:25)

An agency needs to listen and be aware of new trends to stay ahead of competition. Harris discusses prioritizing clients and balancing socially conscious clients with well-known brands and creative opportunities. Identify a brand story and present it in a consistent way.

Promoting a Social Purpose and Brand (07:23)

Mekanism focuses on helping clients find a social mission and role. Harris describes two political campaigns which took risks but had positive goals. Immesoete and Harris discuss the prevalence of social media and how prominent figures use it to reinforce simple messages.

Creating Headlines and Social Media Conversations (06:56)

Harris and Immesoete discuss Trump's success through social media, and how his campaign is changing advertising and communications. Harris' company often imagines what the headline for a campaign might be to anticipate how it will stand out.

Success and Future Outlook (04:43)

Despite his company's early success, Harris is always looking ahead and trying to improve. He is most proud of being independent and creating a positive company culture. Immesoete and Harris discuss the pros and cons of selling a business.

Credits: A Conversation With Jason Harris: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Jason Harris: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Jason Harris: Conversations with Giants

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Join John in NYC as he sits down with Jason Harris, CEO and founder of Mekanism. They talk entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability, and the profound impact that social media has on marketing and the world at large.

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