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Fighting Discrimination (06:30)


Kash Sree's parents did not support his interest in art. He studied design and worked hard to gain acceptance; the racism he encountered fueled his perseverance. He advises young people to find role models and develop the discipline to work with them and learn.

Skill Development (06:56)

Sree learned to address discrimination and worked hard to catch up in the industry. Through failing and getting fired, he learned new ways of working with people to create successful campaigns. His gift for storytelling and drama comes in part from his parents' culture and his ability to observe.

Early Career and Storytelling Lessons (08:33)

Sree started his advertising career in London and then moved to Singapore, and eventually New York. He learned to tell stories like method acting. Uncomfortable changes forced Sree to be creative and re-evaluate.

Proudest Work (06:32)

Sree reflects on his best work; he always sees what he could have done better. Sree describes his work with Nike and Tiger Woods, and how risk and observation can lead to great work. Although he is introverted, he does not shy away from fame.

Recognizing Personal Achievement (08:42)

It is important to have pride in past work and appreciate ads that changed perspectives. Sree has depended too much on awards to validate his skills. Kung Fu has helped him find new ways to approach problems and appreciate personal improvement.

Success and Leadership (01:32)

Sree and Immesoete discuss the value of learning from failure. As managers, they enjoy supporting and promoting other people's work.

Credits: A Conversation With Kash Sree: Conversations with Giants (00:26)

Credits: A Conversation With Kash Sree: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Kash Sree: Conversations with Giants

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From Nike to Vaseline, gyro group creative director Kash Sree has tapped into human experiences to create compelling creative storytelling for big brands. Join John and Kash as they talk about dedication to the craft and fearless creativity.

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