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Early Career (08:22)


Duncan Mitchell started his career in package design, then taught desktop publishing and other digital skills at DDB. He explains that his digital experience was especially valuable at this time. Mitchell and John Immesoete discuss the challenges of advertising when the internet was new and how it has changed since then.

Starting an Ecard Project (06:25)

Mitchell explains how Someecards began with an insight about consumer need. Mitchell and his creative partner created an ecard template and tone and launched a site with 50 cards that would resonate with people.

Expanding the Website (07:04)

Mitchell and his partner launched and quickly received a lot of positive feedback, so they expanded into different subjects. Mitchell and Immesoete discuss the importance of developing a signature tone. Mitchell describes his team's process of creating a tone and how they balance each other's humor.

Growth and Advertising (04:38)

Mitchell describes the transition from quitting his job to making money with the website. He and his partner brought more people on their team and tried various methods of advertising. They found that customers embraced cards that included a familiar brand.

Learning From Failure (04:57)

Mitchell explains that Someecards has established a voice and a large social media presence and following. Sharing content comes with lots of feedback, some of which is negative. Mitchell reflects on his first unsuccessful firm and argues that to progress, businesses have to constantly try new things.

Reinvention (05:08)

Mitchell argues that he has always been aware of his talents and skills, so he usually knows when to try something new. The internet is constantly changing so he is always rethinking his content and strategy to keep up. Mitchell and Immesoete discuss advice for young people entering the advertising industry.

Credits: A Conversation With Duncan Mitchell: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Duncan Mitchell: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Duncan Mitchell: Conversations with Giants

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In the digital age, content is king. How do you create content that people not only will embrace, but also share? CEO and co-founder of, Duncan Mitchell, sits down with John Immesoete to explain how a passion project based on funny, insightful content turned into a multi-million-dollar business. They discuss how discipline and the way you package your talents can help turn passion projects into something much more impactful.

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