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Early Career and International Experience (06:33)


Maureen McGuire started as a secretary at IBM Europe then worked her way up and into the marketing department. With the internet came more competition and a new challenge for the company. McGuire argues that this is when marketing at IBM began.

Reshaping the IBM Brand (06:10)

McGuire and John Immesoete discuss the IBM advertisements which conveyed the significance and unknown potential of the internet. McGuire explains how the marketing team found a niche for IBM and advertised its continuing relevance. She argues that emotional storytelling is an important part of selling technology.

New Role of Chief Marketing Officer (03:42)

McGuire argues that all chief marketing officers want to have a positive effect on their business. CMOs have more responsibilities now; they have to manage technology, data, and measurement of results. McGuire explains that every employee is responsible for understanding the brand, and the CMO should facilitate this internal communication.

Evaluating Creative Work (07:04)

McGuire describes how she judges work for a brand; often it is intuitive, but she tries to be objective. She emphasizes the importance of detaching herself from a judgement and identifying something that can be improved, even if the overall piece is not right. Immesoete and McGuire discuss the value of taking risks to develop new ideas.

Leading a Creative Group (04:17)

McGuire explains that as a leader she makes goals and problems clear at the beginning. She selects team members with different perspectives and skills, and creates a trusting environment. Allowing people to take risks and have creative license can build this relationship.

Choosing an Agency (02:23)

MCguire selects an advertising agency not based on the pitch but on the people: she looks for talent, honesty, diversity, and applicable skills for the particular job. She emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where people of different backgrounds and perspectives feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Diversity and Inclusion in Advertising (06:07)

When she started in marketing, McGuire was surrounded by men; she saw women in senior roles in the U.S., and she realized women could succeed. She argues that the advertising industry needs to be a leader in welcoming diversity because that will reflect the audience and bring new perspectives. Diversity will improve business and creative standards.

Rethinking Advertising Training (02:50)

Immesoete suggests that traditional advertising school is expensive, limiting job applicants, and not entirely relevant. McGuire agrees that agencies should hire people from a wider variety of backgrounds, or start apprenticeship programs.

Credits: A Conversation With Maureen McGuire: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Maureen McGuire: Conversations with Giants

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