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Evolution of Graphic Design (08:11)


Debbie Millman defines graphic design as using graphics to communicate a message. John Immesoete and Millman reflect on iconic works of design. She describes the history of humans creating marks and documenting their lives, and the origin of the word "brand".

Brands in Culture and Design for Change (05:20)

Millman explains that client and agency are both responsible for brand image and clients must be willing to take risks. She argues that culture creates brands, so brands take a risk when they follow trends. Millman describes how people are using branding techniques to share ideas and promote social movements.

Early Inspiration and Marketing Challenges (06:46)

Millman describes her early experience with advertising and design in New York and at her father's pharmacy. John Immesoete and Millman discuss changes at drug stores and supermarkets, where name brands have to compete with store brands that are using the same branding techniques. Millman argues that this creates a challenging environment for mainstream marketers.

Design and Effects of Social Media (08:46)

Millman argues that good design is authentic and communicates benefit and acceptance of the customer in a simple way. She explains the evolution of the online environment and how it isolates users by creating a sense of inadequacy. She predicts that more brands will promote acceptance of consumer to counter this.

"Design Matters" and the Creative Life (08:30)

Millman describes her path to starting her podcast. As her blog writing and radio show gained attention she began putting interviews on iTunes and started working with a producer. She learned that many creative people have a constant need to learn and improve, and that uncertainty can drive creativity.

Learning from Failure and Uncertainty (07:03)

Millman has experienced many obstacles in her career, but she believes in persevering. She argues that certainty and personal branding is unrealistic for a creative person who is always growing.

Long Term Potential for Brands (04:33)

Millman speculates that large brands like Apple and McDonald's have potential but need to work on branding and values. Evolving is risky, but often worth it for the company and consumers in the long term. Millman argues that corporations should not only think in the short term, and that they have a responsibility to sell good products.

Credits: A Conversation With Debbie Millman: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Debbie Millman: Conversations with Giants

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How does imagery help document our reality? Join John and Debbie Millman, renowned graphic designer and podcast host of Design Matters, as they talk all things design, the courage needed in collaboration, and how creativity is fueled by failure and uncertainty. From the cave walls of Lascaux to the billboards of our commute, hear how powerful design can create movements, share ideas, and change the world.

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