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Ambition to Explore (07:06)


Richard Garriott compares his submarine adventure to the Titanic and the experience of being trapped under silt. He grew up in a community of astronauts and people involved in space travel. Once he started to earn money, he saved for exploration and space travel.

Video Game Goals (03:50)

Garriott explains that in his games he tries to create an interesting world to explore and a relevant learning experience. Role playing allows the game to understand the players and expose their strengths and weaknesses.

Fear and Learning From Failure (05:19)

Garriott experiences more fear in regards to his business than his survival. He describes an episode of near failure when his company had to remake all their games for the PC. He argues that this kind of challenge leads to better work, and entrepreneurs have to accept failure as part of the process.

Space Travel Investments (05:41)

Garriott's efforts to support retired astronauts with space exploration ideas failed, but he learned from the experiences. Later in his career, he collaborated with other technology entrepreneurs who had been inspired by NASA, to create several private space exploration programs. Garriott speculates that there is likely life on several other planets, but he doubts there is any intelligent life.

Credits: A Conversation With Richard Garriott: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Richard Garriott: Conversations with Giants

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Richard Garriott, a gaming industry pioneer, astronaut, and deep-sea explorer, joins John to talk about risk-taking and how fear can be the ultimate motivator for creativity and entrepreneurship.

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