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Background and Culturally Specific Ads (06:42)


Corinna Falusi studied design in Germany where an advertising agency hired her. She describes the "bubble" of German and Swedish advertising. Falusi and John Immesoete discuss the cultural limitations of award institutions and advertising schools.

Falusi's Early Work (01:24)

Falusi describes the project "Refugee Nation." The refugees accepted the flag for the Olympics and the symbol quickly gained widespread appreciation. Falusi enjoyed the process of working with others.

Keeping up With a Changing Industry (04:21)

Falusi and Immesoete discuss recent changes in the advertising industry. Falusi describes an audio-based website she developed when the internet was still new and unknown. It is challenging to connect with people, but Falusi finds it interesting to find a niche and attract a specific group.

Brand Narrative (02:50)

Helping a client grow depends on finding and emphasizing what their brand stands for. New technology and mediums create opportunities to share brand values and image.

Addressing Discrimination (04:17)

Though she has dealt with some sexism, Falusi sought positive work environments where she can fit in and express herself. Agencies need to work on retaining women later in their careers. Agencies should rethink the hiring process.

Falusi's Recent Work (01:27)

Falusi describes an ad she created for Target involving a music video. Oscar's and Grammy's are promising new showcases for advertising.

Credits: A Conversation With Corinna Falusi: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Corinna Falusi: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Corinna Falusi: Conversations with Giants

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Corinna Falusi, chief creative officer of Mother New York, sits down with John to discuss international differences in advertising, how fast-moving trends keep you creative, and how diversity in the workplace directly correlates with a diversity of good ideas.

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