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Diversity is Good Business (08:29)


With a rapidly growing multicultural population, non-white purchasing power in the United States is now $3 trillion, with approximately half that amount resting with the Latino community and Latina women in particular. Sergio Alcocer founded the multicultural marketing agency LatinWorks to combat advertisements that treated the Hispanic community in a simplistic and demeaning way. LatinWorks makes a pitch to consumer products company Kimberly-Clark.

Multicultural Portrayals in Marketing (03:28)

Diversity experts Kazique Prince and Rachael Neal reflect on the use of stereotypes and tokenism in advertising. Minorities and women have traditionally been depicted as inferior. LatinWorks debuts a Super Bowl ad that attempts to playfully subvert multicultural tropes.

Reaching Millennial Markets (03:37)

Multiculturalism gives rise to people wanting to define themselves in their own terms. Millennials make up a quarter of the U.S. population, with 20 percent being Latino or Latina. The ¡Pachanga! Music Festival connects businesses with the Latino millennial population.

Visibility and Tolerance (08:36)

Latino millennials feel that they are largely unrepresented in advertisements. LatinWorks is celebrated for a successful campaign to help Starburst candies appeal to Latino consumers. Marketing budgets have seen an increase in funding for reaching Latino audiences, and more media attempts to reflect the country's changing demographics.

Credits: The New Mad Men (00:30)

Credits: The New Mad Men

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With a collective purchasing power of $3 trillion, people of color are quickly becoming the nation’s most sought-after consumers. Iconic brands are re-examining their marketing strategies in order to stay competitive in the changing marketplace. Latinos, with a buying power of $1.2 trillion, are at the heart of this new consumer focus: nearly a quarter of Americans between the ages of six and 34 is Latino. We take an exclusive look inside LatinWorks, one of the most successful multicultural ad agencies in the country, and learn how they are speaking to the multicultural millennial market.

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