Segments in this Video

Life on Other Planets (05:08)


Silver Donald Cameron introduces Stanley Love. Mars once had running water and temperate environment. Water and atmosphere are contingent planetary factors, and essential for developing life. The Greenhouse Effect keeps Earth’s environment habitable, but overabundance of carbon dioxide causes overheating.

Developing Science (03:21)

Cameron and Love discuss the progressive understanding of scientific concepts. They compare Newton's Laws to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and express concerns for Earth's climate and population.

Replicating Earth's Life Support Systems (05:36)

Love describes air and water recycling technologies on a spacecraft, and explains that colonization of other planets is not yet feasible. Cameron and Love discuss the rise of oxygen in our atmosphere and maintaining its balance.

Becoming an Astronaut (03:38)

Love was a planetary scientist before becoming an astronaut. He grew up exploring Oregon's landscape, and was passionate about discovery. Cameron and Love discuss human curiosity and the reliability of science.

Inhabiting Mars (07:44)

Love describes the vast energy required for colonization; terraforming Mars is not currently possible. He recounts his time in space, and discusses the human connection to Earth's natural systems.

Submersible Research (06:36)

Love describes a mishap while piloting NEEMO16 for an underwater research project. The submarine was trapped in a current; his training and methodical thinking provided means for recovery.

Preparation As Courage (05:39)

Cameron and Love discuss avoiding panic in unnatural situations through training. Love describes his space walk.

Value of Space Administration (06:50)

NASA receives 0.4% of the Federal Discretionary Budget; it runs global positioning and earth science satellites, and American spacecraft. Love compares the benefits of space programs with attending college, and the benefits of robotics to human understanding.

Epilogue and Credits (00:42)

Cameron reflects on his conversation with Love. (Credits)

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This episode of The Green Interview features Stanley Love, a planetary scientist with a PhD in astronomy from the University of Washington. In one word, he’s an astronaut and dreamed about being one since he was a child. He been with NASA since 1998 and among other things has participated as crew aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis, logging more than 300 hours in space. In this exclusive Green Interview, Love speaks with Silver Donald Cameron about what it’s like to see the Earth from the endless darkness of outer space and what the possibilities are for inhabiting other planets, if we wreck this one.

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