Segments in this Video

Creative Communities (09:12)


Silver Donald Cameron introduces Eugene Friesen. Friesen contrasts the efficiency of classical training with the call for creative and diverse musicians more indicative of the culture. He describes using animal sounds in collaborative efforts with environmental musicians.

Love and Listening (10:51)

Love is the truest motivation. Friesen and Cameron discuss the importance of openness, listening, and the Australian practice of dadirri.

Accepting Art (06:50)

Friesen and Cameron discuss improvisation and creative play. Picasso's development is an example of mastery and training used as creative tools. They discuss cultivation of creativity through listening and exposure to different cultures.

Creating Environmental Music (09:24)

Friesen describes the progressive composition of a piece recorded at Meno Museum, inspired by natural architecture and the Japanese bush warbler. See footage of the piece performed at the University of Oregon.

Celloman (02:46)

Friesen describes his performance of a program designed for young listeners. He uses masked characters to show the diversity of approach, and for entertainment.

Teaching Music (05:33)

Friesen is a professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The conservatory caters to different musical tastes and aspirations. He describes being a perpetual student and evolving the craft.

A Meeting Place of Art, Spirit, and Action (02:46)

Friesen and Cameron discuss personal expression and empowerment through music. Improv is Friesen's method of finding creative voice.

Whale Songs (11:41)

See footage of Friesen performing at the University of Oregon. He describes Roger Payne's whale singing research and attempts at interaction. Friesen and Cameron discuss possibilities for the phenomena.

Epilogue and Credits (00:52)

Cameron reflects on his conversation with Friesen and cites other Green Interviews.

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This episode of The Green Interview features Eugene Friesen, a Grammy award-winning cellist and composer who teaches at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and who integrates the sounds of the natural world into everything he does. He plays the cello as a squirrel might play it, as a bear might play, as a great master like Pablo Casals played it. His compositions embrace the songs of whales and songbirds. He is also a great believer in listening deeply and paying profound and contemplative attention and being truly present in the world, activities that our traditional educations, whether in music or in other disciplines, really attempt to drive out of us. In a sense Friesen’s musical orientation is to go beyond the formalities of his classical training and back to our original state of simply being in the world, making harmonies with our fellow creatures.

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