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John Huston (05:03)


John Huston traveled the world and worked as a writer before going back to Hollywood and working as a director in the 1940s. His father was actor Walter Huston, who helped him work with Warner Brothers. Huston shot in sequence so he could decide how to direct a film as it was being made.

Huston's WWII Films (03:35)

During World War II, Huston made war documentaries that he narrated. He did not director documentaries any differently they he directed feature films. He began to analyze the effects of war on veterans and filmed soldiers removing causalities from the battlefields.

Huston's Filming Locations (06:25)

Many of Huston's films are about people being tested and challenged by their environments. He filmed on location and enjoyed the adventure of filming in difficult locations. Hutson connected well with is actors, which lead to memorable performances.

Working with Huston (05:35)

Huston allowed people to make comments and suggestions about the film outside of their job scope. Once he trusted someone, they had more confidence and insight in their work.

Huston and "The Misfits" (05:52)

Having been a screenwriter, Huston respected writers and kept much of playwright Arthur Miller's script for "The Misfits" when he adapted it into a movie. Huston learned to work with Marilyn Monroe, who was not like his usual actors.

Huston and People (03:27)

Huston could be charming and had numerous wives and lovers throughout his career. Montgomery Clift was making a successful comeback on "The Misfits," but Huston treated him poorly after learning he was gay. Huston sometimes used bullying to create the tension he wanted on set.

Huston and World Building (04:39)

Huston chose films that allowed him to travel and go places where he could capture a world American audiences had not experienced. He connected with local actors and cast them in his films despite the language barrier.

Huston's Later Career (03:52)

Huston was also an actor and appeared in more than 50 films. He saw acting as less of a responsibility than directing. He started to do less of the directing himself in later films.

Huston and Family (06:49)

Huston developed emphysema from smoking as he got older. He began directing family films, such as "Annie" in 1982, after becoming a grandfather. He started working on movies with his children.

Credits: Discovering Huston (00:51)

Credits: Discovering Huston

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John Huston was an American film director, writer, and actor. He directed more than three dozen films, many of which are now considered classics. Discover the career and life of John Huston. See classic moments from his illustrious career and learn insights from the film community.

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