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Jean-luc Godard (03:12)


Jean-luc Godard moved from Switzerland to Paris and started working as a screenwriter and director. He wrote film criticism for Cahiers Du Cinema.

Influence of American Cinema (04:40)

Godard was influenced by American cinema and the understanding that Europeans were interested in American culture. Before the French New Wave movement, most French films were based on literature or theater. Godard brought modern ideas into urban French settings.

Women in Godard's Films (05:23)

Actresses wanted to be in Godard's film because the characters often became icons in French cinema. Anna Karina starred in multiple of Godard's films while the two were dating.

Godard's Independent Films (02:52)

Godard used the lack of resources he had as an independent filmmaker to make aesthetic choices that defined his films. Karina found Godard strange to work and live with. He would disappear for weeks at a time and travel to meet influentially people.

Godard's Directing Style (03:19)

Godard would sometimes rewrite dialogue just before shooting and give the actors little time to prepare. "Alphaville" was one of the first urban science fiction films, which Godard made with a low budget.

Godard's Radical Filmmaking (04:53)

Godard took risks in his films and did not worry about being unpopular for a time. He worked to redefine filmmaking in France and the French cinema as a whole. He became more radical later in his career and his films became less popular.

Credits: Jean-luc Cinema Godard (00:32)

Credits: Jean-luc Cinema Godard

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Jean-Luc Godard is a French-Swiss film director, writer and movie critic. He is consdered a pioneer from the 1960s French New Wave era. Discover the career and life of Jean-Luc Godard. See classic moments from his illustrious career and learn insights from the film community.

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