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Francois Truffaut (05:22)


Francois Truffaut grew up frequently skipping school to go see movies. He met film writer Andre Bazin, who mentored him in the film industry. His first film "400 Blows" was mostly autobiographical.

Rebellious Filmmaking (06:01)

Truffaut made films that went against the conventional French style at the time; they were much more personal than theatrical. He utilized Paris as the backdrop of his films.

Truffaut and Actors (04:26)

Truffaut discovered Jean-Pierre Leaud and gave him the lead in his first film. The two went on to make numerous films together, which launched Leaud’s career as an actor. Truffaut's gave the female characters important roles in the story.

Truffaut and Storytelling (07:50)

Truffaut took simple setups and turned them into compelling stories in his film. He was able to make every day poor decisions feel like disasters. Many modern audiences have a misconception about older films being conservative.

Credits: Looking for Truffaut (00:35)

Credits: Looking for Truffaut

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François Truffaut was a French movie director, critic, writer, and actor. He is considered a pioneer from the 1960s French New Wave era. Discover the career and life of Francois Truffaut. See classic moments from his illustrious career and learn insights from the film community.

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