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Luis Bunuel (05:24)


Luis Bunuel was born in Spain in 1900. He moved to Madrid and became friends with Federico García Lorca and Salvador Dali. Through them, Bunuel became interested in surrealism and his first successful film was a surrealist parable.

Bunuel as a Filmmaker (02:15)

Bunuel’s next film "Large Door" was another surrealist film that he made with Dali. Spanish surrealist filmmakers at the time were inspired by films from other countries, such as American slapstick comedies.

Bunuel as a Documentarian (02:35)

In 1932, Bunuel broke from the surrealist artists, who were becoming divided by politics. Bunuel was influenced by Communist ideas, which can be seen in his documentary "Land Without Bread." Bunuel took a conceptual approach to documentary film making and would include false information to get his point across.

Bunuel and the Spanish Civil War (01:55)

Bunuel was deeply affected by the Spanish Civil War and Lorca's death. After Lorca's assassination, Bunuel realized he could no longer work in Spain.

Bunuel in North America (06:07)

Bunuel initially moved to New York but lost his job after Dali's book called him an atheist. He moved to Hollywood but struggled to find work until he was offered a chance in Mexico. He started making low budget Mexican movies before making "Los Olvidados."

Bunuel and Religion (06:49)

Bunuel's Mexican films started having religious themes. He attended a Jesuit school and was raised Catholic but was an atheist in adulthood. He put his feelings about religion into his films without alienating audiences.

Bunuel in France (05:42)

In 1963, Bunuel met French film producer Serge Silberman, who convinced him to move to France and make "The Diary of a Chambermaid." Bunuel said he made some of his best films in France. He made "Belle De Jour" in 1967, which was his most successful film.

Bunuel's Success (10:06)

After the success of "Belle De Jour," Bunuel had the freedom to make whatever film he wanted. He films began to be less conventional and narrative. "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" included satire, surrealism, and dream sequences.

Credits: Discovering Bunuel (00:43)

Credits: Discovering Bunuel

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Luis Buñuel Portolés was a Spanish filmmaker in the silent and 'talkie' eras. He is known for his innovative style, including avant-garde surrealism and working with Salvador Dalí. Discover the career and life of Luis Bunuel. See classic moments from his illustrious career and learn insights from the film community.

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