Segments in this Video

Patterns (03:47)


Learn the definition of pattern; see examples of identification and prediction. See examples of graphs and regular events.

Pictographs (02:10)

Learn how to create and read a graph with pictures.

Bar Graphs (01:35)

Learn how to create, read, and define bar graph.

Line Graphs (06:35)

See an example of data recorded in ordered pairs to create a number sentence and a graph with y-axis and x-axis. Learn how to write and identify patterns in ordered pairs.

Probability and Outcomes (04:31)

See an example of possibilities used to create a probability table and fraction; learn how to determine likelihood from table data. Review fraction terms.

Prime and Composite Numbers (04:42)

Review the definition of factors; find factor pairs for 30. Learn how to identify and define composite numbers and prime numbers. Review what has been learned about patterns and graphs.

Credits: Patterns and Graphs (00:07)

Credits: Patterns and Graphs

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Patterns and Graphs

Part of the Series : Teaching Systems Arithmetic Series
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Students will learn to gather data and identify solutions through patterns and graphs. This program also introduces prime and composite numbers and factor pairs. So sharpen up your pencils and let's get graphing! Topics include: Patterns, Pictographs, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Probability and Outcomes, and Prime and Composite Numbers.

Length: 25 minutes

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