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Geometry Basics

Item #: 154988

Angles 101

Item #: 154989


Item #: 154990

Special Triangles

Item #: 154991

The Pythagorean Theorem

Item #: 154992

Figuring Out Area

Item #: 154993

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Teaching Systems Geometry Series

The Series Includes : Geometry Basics | Angles 101 | Triangles | Special Triangles | The Pythagorean Theorem | Figuring Out Area
3-Year Streaming Price: $779.70



Welcome to the many-sided world of geometry. Your class will be amazed as postulates and theorems become popular and angles and areas become awesome! The Standard Deviants take a humorous and unique angle when teaching the difficult geometry concepts. Graphing, postulates, and theorems will be approachable and entertaining with this video series.

Length: 156 minutes

Item#: BVL154987

Copyright date: ©2011

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