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Geometry Basics (02:13)


Learn historical developments and founders of geometry. It is a visual math dealing with shapes, their parts, and relationships.

Thinking About Geometry (02:00)

Learn defining characteristics of inductive and deductive reasoning; see an example of how to apply to a real world problem.

Points, Lines, Planes and Space (06:38)

Learn definitions for point, collinear points, line, ray and segment. See example for "betweenness," and the midpoint of a line segment; learn defining characteristics of congruent and equal. Learn definitions for plane, coplanar points, coplanar lines and space; learn notation for parallel lines.

Postulates and Theorems (06:36)

Learn definitions, and see examples for postulate, theorem and unique. Learn how to write if-then statements in statement, converse, inverse, and contrapositive forms; learn the definition of biconditional statement.

Angles Defined (06:26)

Learn components, notation options, and the definition for angle. See examples and learn definitions for congruent, acute, right, obtuse, straight, adjacent, complementary, supplementary and vertical angles. Learn definitions and see example for angle bisector and perpendicular lines; learn notations for congruency and perpendicular.

Credits: Geometry Basics (00:30)

Credits: Geometry Basics

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Geometry Basics

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Topics covered in this video: inductive and deductive reasoning; points, lines, and space; intersecting lines; postulates and theorems; inverse and contra-positive statements; and acute, right, obtuse, and straight angles.

Length: 26 minutes

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