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Basics Review: Angles 101 (04:12)


Review plane components, angles, triangles, postulates and theorems. Learn CPCTC, the angle-angle-side theorem, and types of If-Then Statements.

Angles and Their Theorems (06:30)

Math topics include: reflexive, substitution, and transitive properties; theorems for finding congruence and bisectors; proofs; properties of vertical angles; inductive reasoning; and deductive reasoning

Parallel Lines & Angles (12:29)

The parallel postulate is important in geometry; learn the components of a transversal line. Use inductive reasoning to develop an if-then statement and corresponding angle postulate, and prove theorems and their converse for alternate interior and alternate exterior angles.

Credits: Angles 101 (01:07)

Credits: Angles 101

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Angles 101

Part of the Series : Teaching Systems Geometry Series
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Topics covered in this video: reflexive property, substitution property, transitive property, the parallel postulate, corresponding angles, alternate interior and exterior angles, same-side interior angles, and corresponding angle postulate.

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