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Review Basics: Special Triangles (02:02)


Review triangle classifications; CPCTC; the SAS, SSS, and ASA postulates; the angle-angle-side theorem; and the hypotenuse-leg theorem.

Isosceles & Right Triangle Theorems (06:53)

Learn the components of isosceles and right triangles. See proofs for congruent angles and sides of an isosceles triangle. Learn the angle-angle-side and hypotenuse leg theorem.

General Definitions (03:42)

A polygon is a simple, closed, multi-sided figure that has line segments. Other definitions include: convex region, concave region, diagonal, and regular polygons. Determine the sum of the measures of the angles inside a shape.

Quadrilaterals & Their Secret Information (04:35)

Review the definition of a quadrilateral and the five categories. Learn key theorems of parallelograms.

Similarities Between Triangles (03:12)

Polygons are similar when they are proportionately the same size. See examples of triangles with congruent angles, proportional sides, and differing size.

Proving the Similarity Of Triangles (02:51)

Learn three properties to prove two triangles are similar: the angle-angle similarity postulate, the side-angle-side similarity theorem, and the side-side-side similarity theorem.

Credits: Special Triangles (01:07)

Credits: Special Triangles

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Special Triangles

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Topics covered in this video: isosceles triangles, angle-angle-side theorem, hypotenuse-leg theorem, polygons, concave and convex regions, regular polygons, rectangles, parallelograms, squares, rhombi, and trapezoids.

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