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Area (09:32)


The area of a flat 2-D figure is the interior space and measured in square units. Learn the area congruence and area addition postulates, and the formulas for finding area. Review units, perimeter, and circumference.

Surface Area (06:51)

Learn the definition of surface area and the formulas for calculating the area of a right prism, a cylinder, and a sphere.

Volume (05:51)

Volume is the amount of space inside a closed 3-D surface and is measured in cubic units. Learn the area formula for a rectangle, and the volume formulas for a prism, a cylinder, and a sphere. Review the concepts of area discussed in this film.

Credits: Figuring Out Area (01:10)

Credits: Figuring Out Area

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Figuring Out Area

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Topics covered in this video: area, area congruence postulate, area addition postulate, surface area, surface area of a cylinder, surface area of a sphere, volume of a prism, and volume of a sphere.

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