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Egypt (01:53)


Egyptian civilization was born along the Nile River and lasted over 3,000 years. The deciphering of hieroglyphs found in Rosetta revealed Egyptian society.

The Egyptian Civilization (02:08)

Egypt was the first nation; it enjoyed a long period of peace. The Nile River provided what the people needed to grow food. A ceremony was required to ensure that after death, a pharaoh would be able protect his subjects in the afterlife.

The Pyramids of Egypt (04:38)

The pharaoh was the highest person in Egyptian hierarchy. The Great Sphinx was disfigured by Napoleon's troops. Pharaoh Khufu ordered the construction of the Great Pyramid, the largest tomb in history.

Relocation of Abu Simbel (01:54)

The temple was moved in order to save it from the waters of Aswan Dam. The temple was cut into blocks and rebuilt through an international effort. The sun that illuminated statues on the dates of Ramses birth date and coronation could not be exactly recreated.

The Profanation of Tombs (02:39)

Pyramids were designed to eternally protect the bodies of pharaohs. As early as the 9th century, the Great Pyramid had already been plundered. Remaining mummies were buried in the Valley of the Kings.

The Conquest of Eternity (03:02)

After the mummification process, a priest would open the mouth of the pharaoh to start his union with Osiris. Through preservation of the body, many pharaohs have escaped that fate that all humans face after death.

Credits: The Death of a Pharaoh (00:40)

Credits: The Death of a Pharaoh

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The Death of a Pharaoh

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Humankind has never satisfied its desire for eternal life. Without doubt, the people who most avidly sought immortality were the Egyptians. In this program, you will find out the following: Why did the Egyptians embalm their pharaohs? Why did they construct gigantic pyramids? What did they think of the world that surrounded them? Plus, you'll learn about the discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb and The Book of the Dead.

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