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Post-Classic Period (01:04)


Mayas constructed their cities around natural sources of water after the fall of the Mayan empire. Mayan and Toltec cultures combined after the Toltec invaded.

Art and Religion (05:09)

After the Toltec invasion, worship of the god of rain became widespread and columns were built. Mayas worshiped many gods and made sacrifices to appease them; human sacrifices became more common beginning in the 10th century.

The Game of Pelota (01:44)

Every Mayan city had a court for this ball game played for 1,500 years. The game normally ended with the decapitation of the captain of the opposing team. The movement of the ball symbolized the sun, moon, and stars.

Temple Secrets (04:20)

The Temple of the Inscriptions is located in Palenque, the Mayan city of the gods. In 1949, Alberto Roof discovered a passageway that led to the skeletons of children that belonged to nobility and the remains of King Pakal.

The Fall of the Mayas (04:40)

Mayan cities in the south were abandoned in the 9th century for unknown reasons; they emigrated north. They thrived in the Yucatan Peninsula until the great civilization came to an end. Modern Mayas preserve their customs.

Credits: Mayas: Part 2 (00:41)

Credits: Mayas: Part 2

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Mayas: Part 2

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This program explores the New Mayan Empire and customs after influence from the Toltecs. Learn more about Mayan stone architecture, Mayan religion, the game of "pelota," and the discovery of King Pacal's tomb. Also, noteworthy discoveries of Mayan astronomers, the decadence of the Mayan civilization, their resistance to Spanish invaders, and how the Mayan spirit influences today’s world.

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