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Science in the 20th Century (01:33)


Rapid development and advances in technology led to numerous scientific breakthroughs. Modern life has created the need for developments in medicine, physics, and computer science.

The First Decades of the Century (02:31)

Albert Einstein expanded the field of physics; modern geology and biology were established. The Wright Brothers had their first successful flight in 1903.

World Wars (03:55)

The wars caused an increase in scientific and engineering discoveries for use in the war effort. Historians uncovered important sites in Egypt and Africa. The fields of medicine, biology, and astronomy advanced.

The Technological Revolution (02:41)

The first computer was created in 1940; many advancements in computer science quickly followed. Technology helped the fields of neurology and medicine. The space race pitted America and the Soviet Union against each other.

The Genetic Revolution (02:02)

The discovery of DNA structure led to numerous breakthroughs in genetics. Genetic engineering was established during the 20th century.

Credits: Scientific Evolution in the 20th Century (00:47)

Credits: Scientific Evolution in the 20th Century

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Scientific Evolution in the 20th Century

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The 20th century is synonymous with spectacular and rapid advances in science and technology. This program gives a comprehensive overview of the greatest scientific and technological advances of this century, including the development of vaccines, the first powered flight, the manufacturing of cars, the microscope, nuclear fission, medical advances, the conquest of space, the discovery of the DNA molecule, and more!

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