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Introduction—Geometry in Our Lives: Part 1 (02:43)


Geometry originates from the need to solve practical problems; its discovery is attributed to the Egyptians. Mathematics is essential to technology and commerce, and utilized by many occupations.

Common Geometric Forms (02:59)

Geometric forms were first observed in nature; humans now design objects with multiple shapes. The circumference is widely found in nature and technology. Spheres are particularly stable and are produced by plants, people, and gravity.

Conics and Other Curves (05:29)

Conical curves, such as circumferences, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas are created by the intersection of a cone and plane. The shapes are found and formed all around us, and are used in technology and architecture. Helixes and spirals are present in nature, industry, and our DNA.

Geometry and Art (01:24)

Art in all civilizations utilizes geometric figures. Polygon transformation, rotation, and sliding methods are found in mosaics and Islamic works. In 1891, Fedorov demonstrates that crafts can be formed by 17 basic structures.

More Practical Applications of Geometry (03:10)

Geometry is essential to topography, civil engineering, and architecture. Global positioning systems use multiple satellites and triangulation to determine location. Mathematics is a powerful tool used to describe measurements and objects.

Summary (03:12)

Review technological developments advanced by geometry, sphere stability, conical curves, geometric art and current applications of mathematics.

Credits: Geometry in Our Lives: Part 1 (02:25)

Credits: Geometry in Our Lives: Part 1

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Geometry in Our Lives: Part 1

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Many students think that math has no practical use, when in fact math influences us in every way. Though we may not realize it, our daily lives are crammed full of objects designed with precise geometric shapes. Find out why objects have the shape they do, the many practical uses of geometry, and geometry’s role in explaining the universe. Also find out about some common shapes are their functions: the circle, the sphere, the cylinder, the cone, parabolas, and more. This is part 1 of Geometry in Our Lives.

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