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Introduction—Geometry in Our Lives: Part 2 (02:03)


The golden ratio, known as Phi, is linked to the Fibonacci series. Its unique properties can be found in shapes all around us.

The Golden Number in Art and Design (03:11)

Artists acknowledge that phi is the most harmonious ratio to contemplate. It can be found in proportions of Egyptian pyramids and Greek temples and sculptures. Artists of many cultures and eras incorporate Phi into their works; poetry, music and movies rely on it for internal harmony and establishing rhythm.

The Golden Number in Nature (02:58)

Earth offers profuse examples of Phi including: sunflower seed spirals, tree leaves, and flower petals. Phi influences the growth of shellfish, horns and tails, and the shape of spiral weather patterns. It can be found in forms and proportions of the human body.

Fractals (02:18)

Euclidian geometry describes lines, flat surfaces, and various symmetrical forms. Nature expresses itself less formerly, but is still ordered; fractal geometry is known as the geometry of chaos. Fractals have the properties of self-resemblance and infinite pattern repetition.

Applications of Fractals (03:11)

Fractals are based on repeated application of a mathematical formula. The Mandelbrot set is likely the most complex mathematical object in existence. Fractal geometry is also known as the geometry of nature. It allows for the study and examination of physics, chemistry, economics, topography, medicine, meteorology, and geography.

Rubber Sheet Geometry (04:45)

Topology studies the behavior of geometric forms when continuously altered without breaking or crossing lines. Angles and distances are inconsequential; subjects of concern are volume, space and retaining number of components of a shape. A graph is a set of points, or vertices, joined by edges; learn applications.

Summary (02:57)

This segment reviews Phi in art, design, and nature; fractals and their applications; and topology.

Credits: Geometry in Our Lives: Part 2 (02:25)

Credits: Geometry in Our Lives: Part 2

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Geometry in Our Lives: Part 2

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Many students think that math has no practical use, when in fact, math influences us in every way. Though we may not realize it, our daily lives are crammed full of objects designed with precise geometric shapes. Find out why objects have the shape they do, the many practical uses of Geometry, and Geometry’s role in explaining the universe. Also find out about some common shapes are their functions: The circle, the sphere, the cylinder, the cone, parabolas, and more. This is part 2 of Geometry in Our Lives.

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