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Evolution (01:10)


Life appeared on earth millions of years ago through evolution. Mankind developed from primitive to advanced societies.

Primates (04:50)

Once the dinosaurs went extinct, mammals grew larger and became more dominant. Tree dwelling mammals, such as lemurs, developed 50 million years ago. Some began to live on the ground as the climate changed.

Humanoids (03:02)

Australopithecus were the first humanoids and lived in Africa. Homo habilis was the next evolution, followed by Homo erectus.

Homo Sapiens (02:25)

The early Homo sapiens appeared 250,000 year ago. They were hunters and lived in caves or huts. Modern Homo sapiens appeared about 40,000 years ago.

Summary (01:58)

Mammals grew and spread after the dinosaurs were wiped out. Tree dwelling mammals, who eventually moved to the ground, evolved into Homo sapiens.

Credits: The Evolution of Humankind (00:47)

Credits: The Evolution of Humankind

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The Evolution of Humankind

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Life appeared on our planet many millions of years ago. In this program, explore humankind’s unwritten history and the theory of our evolution. Topics include: characteristics of prehistoric man, Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon men, Homo sapiens, and primates—their origins, characteristics, skulls, and evolution.

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