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Planet Earth: Introduction (01:39)


Earth is one of nine planets that revolves around the sun; the planet's size and density maintain its atmosphere. Earth has vast quantities of water in a liquid state.

Composition of the Earth (02:10)

Scientists study Earth samples, meteorites, volcanic matter, and earthquakes to better understand the Earth's core. Earth's layers include the nucleus, the stratum, and the crust.

Earth's Surface (03:39)

The crust represents 1% of total land mass; tectonic plates are in continual motion. Approximately 200 million years ago, all of the continents were one land mass. The hydrosphere regulates the Earth's temperature and humidity; the planet has a variety of climates.

Life on Earth (02:09)

Tropical jungles are home to the largest diversification of species. Animals have adapted to thrive in more extreme conditions. All living beings are responsible for changing the Earth's atmosphere.

Summary (02:29)

Review the elements on the planet Earth discussed in this video.

Credits: The Planet Earth (00:40)

Credits: The Planet Earth

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The Planet Earth

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This program will explore the composition of Earth, including the characteristics of the Earth’s surface, life on Earth, and the planet's many kinds of plants, animals, and fish.

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