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"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Civil Brawl (07:54)


A helicopter interrupts a fight between the Capulets and Montagues. Romeo tells Benvolia about his romantic woes; Paris asks Capulet for Juliet's hand in marriage. Lady Capulet talks with Juliet and Nurse about marriage.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Love and Dreams (08:26)

Benvolia and Romeo learn about Capulet's dinner party. Lady Capulet teases Juliet about Paris. Residents celebrate Mardi Gras; Mercutio describes a dream.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Dinner Party (07:12)

Capulet welcomes guests into his home; Romeo's presence angers Tybalt. Romeo meets Juliet and they kiss. The couple learns each is the offspring of their enemy.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Balcony Scene (11:09)

Benvolia and Mercutio leave the party without Romeo. Romeo sneaks back to the house and professes his love to Juliet; she reveals her feelings.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Romance (05:27)

Romeo confesses his love for Juliet to Father Laurence and asks him to perform the marriage ceremony. Mercutio and Benvolia wait for Romeo; Tybalt sends a message.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Nurse's Investigation (03:56)

The Montagues mock Nurse when she asks to speak to Romeo in confidence. Mercutio and Benvolia leave and Nurse questions Romeo about the wedding.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Wedding (07:40)

Juliet anxiously awaits Nurse's return and news about the marriage. Nurse continuously stalls before finally revealing the wedding plans. Romeo waits for Juliet at the church with Father Laurence.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Capulet vs. Montague (09:28)

Mercutio and Benvolia play basketball and argue about fighting. Tybalt arrives looking for Romeo; he appears. Mercutio and Tybalt engage in a knife fight and Mercutio dies. Romeo challenges Tybalt and Tybalt dies.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Murder Revealed (05:57)

Juliet wanders through a park thinking about Romeo. Nurse arrives and tells Juliet that Romeo killed Tybalt. Juliet scolds Nurse and tries to come to terms with Romeo going to prison.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Punishment (04:14)

Father Laurence tells Romeo the authorities sentenced him to prison and Romeo becomes hysterical. Father Laurence calms him and Romeo leaves to be with Juliet.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Saying Goodbye (04:01)

Romeo wakes with Juliet and they lament the dawn. Nurse tells them Lady Capulet is on her way and Romeo leaves.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Grief and Anger (10:27)

Lady Capulet tries to comfort Juliet about Tybalt's death and reveals Juliet is set to marry Paris. Capulet arrives and rages at Juliet's refusal. Juliet asks Nurse for advice and announces she is going to Father Laurence to make confession.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": A Way Out (07:52)

Father Laurence tells Paris he believes the wedding is too soon; Paris leaves when Juliet arrives. Juliet asks Father Laurence for help and he gives her a potion to fake her death. The next morning, Nurse finds Juliet in bed and believes her dead.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": News of Juliet (02:19)

Romeo is in hiding. Benvolia tells him Juliet is dead and her body is in the Capulet's monument. Romeo takes the car and leaves.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Romeo's Grief (04:02)

Romeo enters the monument and gazes upon Juliet. He swallows a vial of poison and dies.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Lovers' Deaths (03:47)

Father Laurence finds Romeo's body next to Juliet. Juliet wakes and learns Romeo is dead; she thrusts a dagger into her belly.

"Romeo and Juliet in Harlem": Reconciliation (03:18)

The Capulets, Benvolia, and Montague find Romeo and Juliet in the monument. Father Laurence reveals the lovers' plans and scorns the feud between families. Capulet and Montague unite.

Credits: Romeo and Juliet in Harlem (01:37)

Credits: Romeo and Juliet in Harlem

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Romeo and Juliet in Harlem

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This unique film makes cinematic history by being the first adaptation of Romeo and Juliet to have a complete cast of people of color and to be set in Harlem while staying true to Shakespeare’s language and storyline. Students will find a new way of relating to this cherished classic with its contemporary acting style and vibrant locations on Harlem’s streets, basketball courts, and subway.

Length: 110 minutes

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