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Field of Phylogenetics (10:34)


Phylogenetics is the study of evolutionary relationships. Phylogenetic diagrams chart the relationships and reveal patterns in development. A researcher is using phylogenetics to track whale evolution.

Molecular Data (05:45)

Molecular data is important to the study of evolution. One researcher is studying the phylogenetics of micro-organisms.

Phylogenetics and Bioterrorism (05:31)

Phylogenetic diagrams are used in forensic science to track and determine deadly microbes, such as anthrax. Evolutionary history is the best way to differentiate one strain of bacteria from another.

Gene Transfer (04:41)

Microbiologist Carl Woese believes a phylogenetic diagram of all life must start at the molecular level. The process would include studying horizontal and lateral gene transfer.

Credits: Evolution and Phylogenetics (01:13)

Credits: Evolution and Phylogenetics

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Evolution and Phylogenetics

Part of the Series : Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives
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The ability to compare DNA sequences from different organisms is refining our perspective on evolution. This session illustrates how molecular techniques are now combined with fossil evidence to explore relationships in organisms from whales to anthrax.

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